Food Safety for the Holidays

Food safety can be a problem at holidays with the amount of food that is prepared and the number of places where people bring food to special gatherings. We have Christmas potlucks at all three of our houses and are diligient about keeping our resident safe. CDC estimates that

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senior activities in Parker and Castle Rock

Other Ways to Connect with Your Loved One

We want our parents or grandparents to be happy in their living arrangements after they’ve moved into assisted living. And we want to spend time with them, but real life is full of change and surprises and our residents want meaningful engagement. There are the old standbys of eating

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March March March

    March 2016 View this email in your browser March, March, March! Spring is coming and the cold is fading! Both CCAL Staff and residents are indeed thankful for that. We are ready to venture outside more, plant some seedlings, take some day trips together and enjoy the sunshine! We are

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