Kids and seniorsWe often hear about the positive impact intergenerational relationships have on children – they learn to respect their elders, better understand their family history, and might learn unique skills as well as valuable life lessons.

It turns out that not only do seniors have a positive impact on kids, but kids have a positive impact on seniors, too!

According to U.S. News & World Report, children can help improve the health and wellbeing of older adults by reducing stress and boosting happiness. Because seniors typically don’t have to worry about all the responsibility that comes with parenting, their time with children can be worry-free. As a result, kids’ unbridled energy and enthusiasm help uplift the spirit. Seniors often forget about chronic aches and pains, financial strain and other troubles while in the presence of children – or at the very least, these troubles aren’t at the forefront of the mind.

Many studies have shown that a positive attitude is so important to healthy aging, and even helps older adults recover more quickly from injury and illness. So in keeping spirits high, children can help us age well.

At Castle Country, we have seen firsthand the powerful effect kids can have on their elders. On Sept. 7, we celebrated National Grandparents Day with an ice cream social. It was wonderful to see our residents, their grandkids and other local children spend time together and the way each generation brought smiles to the others’ faces.

Throughout this week, we will be celebrating National Assisted Living Week, giving us the perfect opportunity to continue nurturing intergenerational bonds. We welcome you to bring the kids in your family to any of our three houses during our week-long festivities. Each generation will be better off for it! Check out our calendar to see what events are coming up.

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