National Assisted Living WeekNational Assisted Living Week® is quickly approaching. This year, it will take place Sept. 7-13 and celebrate the theme “The Magic of Music.” Music plays such an integral role in assisted living communities across the country. Most incorporate live concerts, music history discussions, instrument lessons, vocal groups or other musically-related events into their activities programs.

The same is true at Castle Country – we frequently host live concerts, musicals and more for our seniors. Through these programs, we have seen firsthand the power of music to enhance the lives of assisted living residents. It brings them joy; helps them bond with one another, staff and the community at large; stimulates the brain; and even helps improve memory.

In celebration of National Assisted Living Week and the extraordinary healing power of music, we’ll host a series of celebratory events. Some of the week’s special events include a live performance of the Broadway musical “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” and a concert of Elvis Presley’s greatest hits by impersonator Don Garcia. We’ll also host an ice cream social, ceramics class and an afternoon of baking. Check out our September calendar to find out more about these and other upcoming events.

This national observance of assisted living was established in 1995 by the National Center for Assisted Living to bring together residents, families, staff, volunteers and the surrounding community. Every year since then, thousands of assisted living communities nationwide plan festive events for all to enjoy. We welcome you to join us at Castle Country as we celebrate all who make our homes such warm, vibrant places.

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