By Reagan Weber, Resident Services Manager

As one of the newest team members at Castle Country Assisted Living (CCAL), I have been immersed in the culture for only six months now. My job has morphed from one duty to another: from scheduling and making copies to the beginning of website maintenance and employee hiring. I have been very fortunate with regards to the amazing team here at CCAL; they are constantly teaching me things, both in my job and in life.

One of the most poignant lessons I have learned came from a potential new hire. As we went through the interview, he was challenged with a version of this question: “If faced with a confused or hostile resident, how would you handle the situation and continue to provide compassionate care?” While CCAL is a faith-based organization, this was the first time I’ve heard scripture referenced while on the job. His answer was beautiful and simple: “You wash their feet anyway.”

“Washing their feet” refers to the Gospel according to John, chapter 13, which illustrates Christ’s humility in the washing of his disciples’ feet. So many times, I heard those words resonate since that day. At times, I will take a moment to remember to treat someone with compassion, and respond to a difficult situation with positivity and love. Other times, I will look back on a situation I could have handled far more gracefully, simply by “washing their feet.”

At CCAL, I’m proud to say you can find staff members “washing the feet” of residents every day. It might be Gail, hosting a rousing game of Bingo, or Bob, helping a resident with minor maintenance details that truly make a world of difference. You might find Eric in the Victorian kitchen, cooking eggs to order exactly to a resident’s request. You most certainly will always find Desiree taking extra care to make a resident feel dignified while assisting with daily living activities at the Valley house.

I’m pleased to say that potential new hire turned into a wonderful blessing for CCAL. Today, you can find Brett serving our residents alongside his wife Pauline in the Cantril house, the birthplace of CCAL’s mission: “Providing compassionate care and supportive community for seniors.” Or as I like to call it, “washing their feet anyway.”

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