Flu ShotFlu season is here, and taking proactive measures to protect your health is important. Measures can include drinking lots of fluids, washing your hands regularly, ensuring you get sufficient rest, avoiding close contact with people who are sick, and most importantly, getting a flu shot.

Research shows that the flu virus disproportionately affects seniors*.  As we age, our immune systems weaken, leaving us more vulnerable to diseases like the flu. The strain the flu places on the body can cause health complications associated with the virus, such as dehydration, and can also exacerbate existing health conditions, like heart disease.

It’s important for seniors and anyone who regularly interacts with seniors to get vaccinated. Peak flu season lasts through May, and the sooner you get vaccinated, the better protected you and your loved ones will be.

Getting a flu shot is now easier than ever, with shots widely administered at grocery and drug stores, and Medicare generally covering the vaccine once every flu season. Keep yourself and those around you healthy this season by talking to your doctor about the flu vaccine today.

*Information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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