Absolutely! Any visiting pet needs to have current shots and shot records available.

Absolutely. Our staff is trained on the “Three Knock” system. Knock the first time, wait for the resident to answer. Knock the second time, announce your presence. Knock the third time, then enter cautiously. We also train our staff how to protect and to preserve our residents’ dignity while giving a shower or tub bath. Furthermore, we require all residents to dress appropriately while in the common areas of the house.

Yes. Before you leave, please check with the QMAP (Qualified Medication Administration Professional) on-duty to receive any medications the resident will need to take with them. Also, please sign the resident out on our Sign Out sheet. Have a fun trip!

Mostly. Our facility is unlocked at 6:00 a.m. and locks again at 10:00 p.m. The only reason we would discourage family members/friends from visiting is an outbreak (influenza, norovirus, etc) in our facility or if you have an illness that could spread to our residents.

Absolutely. Please remember if you need to leave during the night, our staff will need to unlock the door for you. If you try to leave while the doors are locked, the alarm will sound. For stays beyond two nights, the family member will need permission from the Executive Director and may be asked to complete a tuberculosis (TB) test and a background check. All persons shall abide by house rules when staying in CCAL homes.

Yes. Please try to RSVP the day before you would like to join us for a meal. However, you are welcome to stop by any time and, most likely, we will have enough food. We kindly ask that you make a $5.00 donation for your meal. For holiday meals, the amount is increased depending on what is served.

Yes. The entire house, with the exception of the staff offices, is yours to use. Please enjoy our gardens, sunrooms, living rooms with media centers, and craft rooms. Ask an Activity Coordinator or caregiver where you might find games and movies to enjoy!

Any staff member at CCAL can assist you in looking at past shower records to determine the last shower date. We never force a resident to shower, but we creatively encourage. We also welcome help from family on these matters. We do our best to help residents stay hygienic while keeping their rights and dignity intact. You may also contact the RN if that will make you more comfortable. If the resident showers independently and is not grooming appropriately, the RN may suggest an increase in care level to assist your loved one with this task.

If your loved one is capable and inclined to do laundry, they may do so at any time.

Any medication we administer to the resident must be on their Medication Administration Record (MAR). Please ensure we have a doctor’s order on file if you believe your loved one will need a specific medication frequently. Please note, residents on our Medication Administration Program are not allowed to keep medication in their rooms unless ordered by a doctor.

Our RNs are scheduled and working in each house Monday through Friday but are always on-call and able to be reached 24/7 for consultation.

Yes. If your loved one is unable to keep their room clean or allows food to spoil, our staff can help ensure the room stays pest-free, if we have permission.

Partially. CCAL only provides transportation to activities that are scheduled on our Resident Services calendar. This includes a biweekly trip to Walmart to shop for essentials.

Yes. We recommend residents do not keep items of significant value in their rooms, but residents are more than welcome to utilize a personal safe inside their room. We do participate in activities frequently that require residents to bring their own money, such as Walmart shopping or trips to Blackhawk for gambling.

Yes. Please speak with the Resident Services Manager to determine the best course of action when bringing a new pet into our facilities.

Yes! There are multiple opportunities for families to volunteer in our facilities. Please speak with the Resident Services Manager about these opportunities.